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    Good Evening

    I hope you are well?

    I underwent, an elective, day case, left sided L5-S1 Microdiscectomy procedure in 2017 for the treatment of an L5 S1 moderate Broadbased Central Disc Protrusion which Encroached Bilateral , Lateral Recesses. More on the left side impinging Left S1 Nerve root But there was also contact of the right S1 nerve root.

    However when I woke up In the theatre recovery (PACU) I went into a state of panic as I was unable to feel my legs at all. I then started to get pins and needles in both legs to much relief and then all of a sudden I experienced excruciating bilateral groin pain . It felt like someone was stabbing me. The pain was unbearable and went into my lower back. I was given IV Fentanyl totaling 200mil in 25 mil five minutes intervals, Iv paracetamol, 100% oxygen Iv oramporph, keratin allsorts

    My discharge from theatre was delayed in recovery for 1.5 hours and the surgery in the prone position in which I had GA and LA had to be repositioned re intubated suctioning exacerbations bronchospasms on intubation and extubation yellow secretions. Sabutamol via nebuliser and total procedure time recorded was 3.5 hours from Start to closing for a simple left sided microdiscectomy

    I was admitted overnight to a ward discharged the following day on opiates and I had an emergency return to theatre 8 days later for redo surgery as the surgery to remove the portion of disc wasn’t performed instead a left sided laminectomy without removing the disc protrusion was carried out. Completely oblivious until my readmission and return to surgery that the surgery I thought ide had I hadn’t and now I had to trust another consultant and go back under the knife
    The MRI showed my disc as moderate briadmased paracentral disc extrusion compressing S1 nerve I underwent second surgery which was more invasive and more bone removed

    Can you advise what would have caused me to have no feelings in both my legs after the initial procedure followed by pins and needles and then acute bilateral groin pain please?

    Also the procedure wasn’t performed by my consultant it was performed by an ST4 and my consultant is recorded as unscrubbed.
    Why if I’ve been told my procedure was straightforward did it take 3 .5 hours and prolonged recovery. Is it standard practice in the UK to list a patient for elective days case microdiscectomy and not perform the discectomy part and perform a left sided laminectomy instead? And then not tell the patient until readmission and redo surgery?

    I also on the ward had bright red upper thighs that felt burnt this was above my knees what was this

    Hope this makes more sense

    Thank you for not giving up on me

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