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    Hello Mr.Corenman.I’m 35 years old and have made an mri in last September because I had backpain that is going all the way down to left thigh. The thigh pain is rarely existent now after some kineto therapy, but the back pain is severe. The results of mri was:
    L3-l4 protusion postero-lateral with intraforominal compression
    l4-l5 protusion with biradicular intraforominal compression
    L5-s1 disc with herniation(median amd paramedian) on the left size with bilateral intraforominal compression and with a fragment 1/ 1.3/ 0.9 cm.

    Some medical professionals advised me to not get any surgery as my herniation is “asymptomatic” taking into consideration that i don t have tingling on numbness in my leg.i still have some residual pain from time to time to my thigh, especially when driving. Also I do have bilateral pain in the Achile tendons , but i don know if that is related to herniation.
    The thing is i do have almost 24/24 back pain since almost a year and sometimes severe pain, even i don.t have any neurological problem. Do you think i can get rid of lumbar pain after microdisectomy of l5 -s1? Thank you!

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    I also want to add that symptoms are worse when sitting or laying in bed than walking or standing straight on me feet.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    I assume your pain is mostly central lower back pain (LBP) and it does not favor one side more than the other. If it is more on one side, this would change treatment decisions.

    If pain is centered, I would start out with large volume epidural steroid injections (maybe as many as two to three) and a heavy does of rehab pilates to strengthen your core muscles. If pain is more one-sided, then this is a different discussion.

    Dr. Corenman

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