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    I have two levels of disc prolapse which occurred 6 years ago shortly after my daughter was born lifting a heavy load of washing.
    My insurance company has finally agreed to cover the surgery. My surgeon is using some sort of new bone grafting material that has just been approved in New Zealand and also custom 3d printed cages.

    I have two questions.

    Firstly, I have been on tramadol for 6 years. It now does nothing for the pain. I might as well be swallowing a tic tac. What approved painkiller should I request after surgery so I can manage the pain? Tramadol does nothing. My body is completely dependent on it now and has a very high tolerance for pain medication. I have young children and really don’t want to suffer post surgery. My surgeon doesn’t seem to understand how high my tolerance is for pain killers… the chronic pain has made me like a horse for painkillers and I’m worried they’ll leave me in pain or view me as a “drug seeker” when I explain the tramadol situation…

    Second question.. I have quite bad diastases since the birth of my child 6 years ago. My understanding is that this can cause Instability in the core – which is probably the reason I injured myself in the first place.
    As they are doing ALIF surgery and cutting into my abdomen does this mean the general surgery/vascular surgeon could fix my diastasis at the same time as the ALIF? I feel like this would give me more of a chance at having a strong spine and secure core to recover.

    I’m not sure if this is something a surgeon would do in an ALIF …. ? I’m embarrassed to ask in case he says this is something you’d only address during a “mummy makeover”…

    I appreciate any response to my two questions.

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