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    I have degeneration in my lower back (L5,S1) and and slipped a disc there.
    Some time later I began to have pain in the thoracic region with frequent muscle spasms in my shoulder.I went to a PT and she was concerned about how rounded my upper back is.
    I never remeber not being that way and my parents were forever telling me to straighten up.
    Fast forward,I got a thoracic MRI.I have multilevel disc degeneration in my thoracic spine.I also have small central disc protrusions at T5-T6,T6-T7 and T8-T9 which are impinging on the thecal sac.
    I am now told I must have had scheuermann’s kyphosis as a teenager.
    Does this mean I will have a lot of problems with pain in the future?.
    I am currently having a lot of pain at the cervico thoracic junction.
    Does this mean my spine is weak and should I avoid certain activities.The only information I can find on this disease is relating to teenagers which advises that they wear a brace.
    What can I do to help this.
    Thank You for your informative site.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    See the section on Scheuermann’s on the website. Most individuals with Scheuermanns live with it without surgery but this requires an understanding of what can be managed and what you have to live with.

    You will always “fight” some amount of thoracic pain. This pain can be improved with a thoracic extension strengthening program. WIth prolonged activity, the extensor muscles will fatigue and your pain will increase. The more conditioned the muscles are, the less pain you will have.

    Use of medication such as NSAIDs can be helpful. Manipulation can also help. The use of an exercise ball every night to stretch the thoracic spine can be helpful.

    You will find that Scheuermann’s disorder has some benefits. You can ski better as your weight will be over the front of the skis and riding a bike should be acceptable.

    Dr. Corenman

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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