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    2 years ago had adr surgery c5-c6 ,c6-c7 mobi c discs due to right arm weakness and pain and numbness in right thumb,index finger and middle finger.Got no relief from surgery waited 16 months after numerous injections ,acupuncture,Pt, and massages with no relief got another opinion had a cd myelogram done was told still had a pinched nerve in my c5-c7 area and was told a formanectomy would help .Had the Formanectomy on my right side c5-c7 I am 7 months postoperative and still have my burning in my right shoulder ,weakness in right arm and pain and numbness in right thumb,index and middle finger .Had a nerve block done a week ago on the right side c5-c7 with no relief of burning or pain .Don’t know what to do next am very frustrated and have a very hard working .

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Your outcome from the original surgery and revision surgery has been obviously poor. This obviously brings up the questions as to the accuracy of the original diagnosis, the technique of the surgery that was performed (twice) and whether you have a permanent nerve injury. There are other disorders that can mimic nerve root compression like Cubital Tunnel syndrome, Carpel Tunnel syndrome and Thoracic outlet syndrome.

    Did you have increased symptoms that radiated down your arm with bringing your head back (looking up)? Did you have a nerve root block that gave you temporary (first three hours) relief? See:

    Did the most recent nerve block give you temporary relief (see pain diary above)? You probably need a new CT scan as the ADRs will blot out imaging with an MRI.

    Dr. Corenman

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