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    Hello Dr. Corenman.

    First allow me to thank you for who you are and for your time spent online to help patients from different places of the world. I appreciate your time much!

    My story as a Disc patient is quite long, I hope it doesn’t get you bored. Here it is anyway:

    I’m a female, aged 19, and I was diagnosed with Disc sequestration in my back about 3 years ago. The pain is mostly centered in the low back area, especially in my lower right side. I did take a widely prescribed med called Lyrica for six consecutive months along with a B complex thing called Neurobion a year ago and I felt much better.

    About 6 months after I stopped taking those two, I started having much pain in my lower back, especially my right side again, and I’m still in great pain everyday, I have also experienced numbness in my right foot as well as in the 3rd finger of my left foot recently.
    Plus, I sometimes used to experience middle back pain only when sitting for a long time. I asked my friends if they had it but none of them did.

    My doctor recommended me taking KKT treatments, a newly invented device that works using sound waves. I did take a few treatments but did not improve at all! What should I do? I’m often in pain even when I’m in bed. I can’t sit for even more than 10 minutes. I’m a college girl who isn’t liking her college because of her condition. I feel lots of pain when I’m sitting in college.

    Oh, one more thing, I’ve had this visible gland in my left leg since birth, which me and my oldest brother inherited from my uncle, and lately, whenever I stand a few seconds on my left leg (or like when I lean more on it since it usually hurts when I do that with my right leg) I feel some kind of numbness, or to be more precise, a specific area down that gland area ‘goes to sleep’. So do you think that this is happening to me because of the gland?

    Help please!

    Thank you!

    God bless!

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    At the age of 16, you developed a sequestered disc herniation. After medication treatment, the symptoms resolved. I imagine that this herniation was diagnosed with an MRI.

    You did well for 6 months and redeveloped pain in your back as well as right leg pain and numbness of your foot. Your doctor prescribed KKT treatments- a type of ultrasound treatment which would not be the treatment of choice.

    This “gland” that has been with you your entire life is most likely not causing your symptoms. You need a diagnosis through a new MRI. Most likely you have a recurrent disc herniation at your old herniation site.

    Dr. Corenman

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