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    Hi Dr.Corenman, Could you please explain How serious it is when you rupture and tear your Ligaments away from your Vertebraes at C4-5 level and a Compression Fracture at C5-6 level? Dr.Corenman any help would be greatly appreciated. Dr.Corenman could this kind of injury paralysis someone? Have a good day!

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    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Your question is very non-specific. What ligaments are torn? You have a list of ligaments such as ALL, PLL, annulus, capsule, interspinous, supraspinous and ligamentum flavum. Compression fractures depend upon how compressed they are, malalignment (kyphosis), splits (sagittal and coronal) and lysthesis (slips). Is there any neurological injury or just local pain? Is there narrowing in the central canal or foramen or even vertebral artery foramen? What do the flexion/extension X-rays demonstrate?

    Dr. Corenman

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