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    I live in Denver and am 79.

    My MRI shows L5/S1 annular bulging disc flattens thecal sac margin, facet arthropathy and ligamentum flavum narrowing. There is mild central stenosis and mild narrowing of the neural foramen.

    I can barely stand for one minute without pain in lumbar and walking is hard to do without pain. I can sit o.k, but sometimes have back pain while sleeping on side on a new comfortable natural foam mattress.

    I have looked at my own MRI on my computer and see a dark area on left side of L5/S1. Do you think a foraminotomy such as on your video of microsurgery might help?

    Thank you for your reply.

    Your web site is amazing. Thanks for helping people.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    The pathology demonstrates global degeneration changes at L5-S1 with degenerative disc disease, facet disease and central and foraminal canal narrowing. This canal narrowing is to be expected with degenerative changes. Think of the ligamentum flavum as floor to ceiling curtains in a house with the walls of the house as the height of the disc space. With degenerative changes, the disc flattens and the walls collapse.

    The curtains would bunch inwards as the wall height shortens. This would crowd the “living space” of the house (the canal).

    Standing and walking activities narrow the central canal and foramen. If the canal is narrow to begin with, this extra positional narrowing can create symptoms. However, these symptoms need to be differentiated from typical back pain from degenerative disc disease.

    Foraminal stenosis normally causes buttocks and leg pain with walking and standing so your symptoms do not fit perfectly with that diagnosis.

    Dr. Corenman

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