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    Hello, My MRI 2/11/12 reads c5/c6 moderate disc space narrowing,broad based posterior osteophyte complex mild to moderate cord compression, c6/c7 moderate disc space narrowing,posterior disc osteophyte complex encroaching upon the csk space and not impinging spinal cord.
    Impression: degenerative changes within cervical spine most severe at c5c6 with accompanying cord compression.
    Neurosurgeon told me at first visit to go home and do my research, that my spinal cord needs to be decompressed w/surgery, gave me order for physical therapy, epidural pain mgmt. and asked if i wanted lyrica, sent me for neck xrays for stability confirmation.I returned to his office within 2 weeks with neck xray results, and to inform him i will go ahead w/surgery.He informs me that he is conservative and sent me for epidural shots. I went to pain mgmt dr. he asked who sent me to him, and looked at my mri and said my spinal cord needs to be decompressed w/surgery,no shots or physical therapy will fix this.I then saw an orthopedic spine surgeon that he sent me to,he took one look at my mri and said I need a 2 level acdf surgery,my surgery is scheduled for april 4/4/2012,each dr has told me my reflexes are brisk, i have numbness and tingling in my left arm, pain has subsided in past month but i have been dealing with the on and off severe arm pain on left side for about two years now.My question is, sorry for the long post, is an orthopedic spine surgeon the right surgeon to do this surgery and should I have surgery for this. thank you for your reply i really appreciate it i am scared to death to go through this surgery.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    The surgeon could be a spine surgeon or a neurosurgeon for the ACDF. There should be no difference in outcome with a well skilled surgeon.

    The surgery choice of levels depends upon your symptoms. The C5-6 level is causing cord compression and in an active patient, this level should be addressed. The next question is where the left arm pain is originating from. If there is significant left foraminal stenosis at C6-7 and your physical examination points to the C7 nerve, that level needs to be addressed. However if there is no significant foraminal stenosis of C6-7 and the examination does not point to the C7 nerve, only C5-6 needs to be addressed.

    This surgery is the “blue plate special”. It is very common and almost 1/3 of my surgeries are either ACDFs or artificial discs for the cervical spine. Outcomes are typically very good so your worry is most likely misplaced.

    Dr. Corenman

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    Thank you doctor for your quick reply, I appreciate it alot. MY MRI FOR THE C6C7 STATES MODERATE DISK SPACE NARROWING POSTERIOR DISC OSTEOPHYTE COMPLEX ENCROACHING UPON THE CSF SPACE MILD FACET ARTHROSIS( LEFT GREATER THAN RIGHT FORAMINAL NARROWING) You have eased my nerves by your answer and I thank you..This website is amazing.

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