Dr. Donald Corenman (Vail, Colorado) sat down with TV8 Vail for this interview about back pain in children.  Dr. Corenman treats individuals of all ages for both degenerative and traumatic spine conditions and injuries. In this video for TV8 Vail, Dr. Corenman states that many children will experience back pain but not realize that something is actually wrong. In fact, according to his statement during the interview, 1 in 20 children will actually have a stress fracture of the lumbar spine. Usually, this condition occurs in the lower back (lumbar spine) and is not caused by an injury itself, but instead by a growth spurt or another benign cause. A stress fracture of the lumbar spine that causes back pain in children, if caught early, can be treated effectively.

Dr. Corenman offers explanations of specific illustrations and MRI images during his interview with TV8 Vail so that viewers can understand better what a stress fracture of the lumbar spine looks like. If it is not caught early, the condition will continue to worsen over time and will eventually lead to incapacitating back pain and possibly lead to arthritis of the spine in the future. 
Back pain in children should not be ignored. He discusses what happens to the spine if this condition is not treated and how back pain in children who have this fracture will eventually continue to worsen over time. 
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