Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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It is good to hear that your lower back pain disappears after you rise in the morning. I also assume the MRI was done within the last two months as you stated you had to wait 10 months for the images. This means that the images are current and reflect your pathology.

Weight loss is good as there will be less pressure on the disc during rehabilitation and for the rest of your life.

The reason you do not have pain but only numbness could be good or problematic. The nerve root can adapt to a compressive herniation and pain can decrease by this adaptation. The nerve can also stop functioning and this can also decrease pain but this means the recovery is less complete after surgery.

Numbness always takes much longer to diminish than pain. I have seen cases that take six months to recover and some that do not completely recover. Most likely you will be able to run again with less numbness after surgery.

It has been studied that if surgery is performed more than six months after the nerve compression, the results are less compelling than if you has surgery before six months. None the less, surgery seems to be called for here.

Dr. Corenman