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Hello Doc,

Thanks for replying to my post. I might not have come across correctly in the original post. My symptoms prior the surgery are not there anymore.
I have a recent MRI and many x-rays after the surgery and all shows good fusion and no myelopathy or stenosis. C3 to C5 are completely fused.

What i experience now is numbness in my right hand from time to time in the ulnar area. Stiffness/Neck pain and upper back pain on my right shoulder(which is mostly muscle knots as i can feel them too) and Torticollis on the right side of the body(The left shoulder goes much higher, but my neck looks short on the right side).

My doctor has mentioned that this is musculoskeletal and not nerve related but also cautioned me to against adjustments(worrying that it might reverse the work from surgery) from a chiropractor. He told me that i might get some relief from massages. I have been in physical therapy last year , but the pain and numbness did not go till i stopped. Once I stress, they return back. I have also had a discussion with a chiropractor who feels that he can alleviate the pain and do corrections. He has done this to his mother-in-law after her ACDF.

Doctor, I know that you have also practiced both studies and can better relate to my question on the safeness on visiting a chiropractor.