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I have been diagnosed with acquired hypermobility disorder by my osteopathic physician. I was diagnosed with migraines by a neurologist, and I think this is accurate due to the temporary healing effects of vasoconstrictors on my condition.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I know upper cervical vertebrae don’t stay where they need to and muscle strengthening and ligament strengthening treatments have failed to hold them there. How can I get them to stay? I know the lax ligaments to be the cause of my pain as diagnosed by several physicians and my own experience and research. The greater the pain and inflammation, the worse the neurological issues. So when its bad, the bone causes inflammation that puts pressure on either the nerves or blood vessels that supply certain areas of the brain, most likely the cerebellum in the case of my vertigo and the nearby visual processing area near the occiput.

You mentioned avoiding surgery. Do you know of any non-surgical treatments that work well for this situation?