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Dear Dr. Corenman,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I got MRI done in November 2011 and again in February 2012. The report was as follows:

– Straightening of cervical spine identified
– Normal alignment of cervical vertebral bodies
– Mild right lateral disc bulge at C4/C5 level is identified without any radicular compression
– Normal vertebral body heights
– Intervertebral disc appear normal
– Normal contour and signal from the spinal cord
– No evidence of thecal sac indentation or spinal cord compression
– Pre and paravertebral soft tissues appear normal
– Normal craniovertebral junection

– Straightening of cervical spine along with mild right lateral disc bulge at C4/C5 level as described above.

I have been going for physiotheraphy for 2 months now and it’s only made a slight difference. I wouldnt call it pain, but my neck is stiff and feels streched when I move my neck all the way to the right/left and up/down. Plus I have a constant very mild headache pretty much through out the day.

I am still not sure how this happened. Like I said, it’s been 7 months of this. Is it going to get better? Do I need to have a surgery done to fix this or will it automatically go away one day? Should I get some more tests done? My neurologist has done all blood test (Vitamin D, C-Reactive Protein, ESR, VDRL/RPR, CBC, Glucose fasting, Cholestrol, Hemoglobin etc) and they all came out normal.

I am constantly worried thinking that i’ll have to deal with this for the rest of my life.