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Dear Dr.Corenman,

I got another MRI of C-Spine and L-Spine with contrast done few days ago. The last MRI of C-Spine I did was in February 2012 which said “Straightening of Cervical Spine along with mild right lateral disc bulge at C4/C5 level”.

However, my most recent MRI states: “Apart from straightening of cervical and lumbar spine no additional abnormality noted on his MRI examination”

I developed this problem back in November 2011 where I used to get daily headaches, but over a period of time, the headaches got better. I still get neck stiffness and constant mild headache every day.

Would you be kind enough to reply the following:
– Are the constant mild headaches because of my neck stiffness/constant discomfort?
– How did my disc bulge automatically disappear? As in is my neck getting better?
– Is it possible for straightening of cervical to resolve? It’s been 9 months that I’ve had this condition. I exercise regularly (treadmill and neck exercises only).
– What possible procedure would you recommend I should discuss with doctors here considering I have had this problem for 9 months and have been on pain killers.

Thanks a lot.