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so to be clear

1.) stand alone ALIF with interior fixation really should not be done with out pedicle screws for spondylosisthesis with disc hernation at same level due to pars defect ?

2.) If the ALIF 360 surgery is performed I would be better off with the TLIf as I would only have to retract one nerve root and will have the added stability of a posterolateral fusion ?

3.) I have heard and read many times that once nerve root(s) are retracted that the retraction can create a life time of painful nerve irritation. Is this common ?

4.) how do you size and fit the TLIF cage ? Isn’t it trial and error like the ALIF procedure?

The way my back feels is that there is nothing holding it up in the back, i.e. pars bone; it feel like it is caving in without the brace, therefore I do not see how a stand alone ALIF would hold me up without posterior fixation.