Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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You have had fusions at C5-T1 so those levels are not at significant risk for further cord compression. The risk with stenosis of the cervical spine is myelopathy, the slow deterioration of function of the spinal cord and central cord syndrome, the acute injury to the cord.

In either case, the cause of compression is the already narrowed canal diameter along with extension (bending the head backwards). This maneuver will further narrow the canal and “pinch” the spinal cord.

You don’t note what symptoms were preexisting (the original reason for your three level fusion) and what symptoms are new. If symptoms are stable over the last years after your surgery then the chance of myelopathy progression is less.

Also important is your lifestyle. If you are sedentary (you don’t participate in high level sports) and do not put your neck at risk (mountain biking, contact sports, horse riding, water skiing, etc.), then the risk of central cord injury is less.

Dragging the right foot (foot drop) is not typically related to your cervical spine. There might also be a lumbar spine disorder that could cause that symptom.

Dr. Corenman