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Thank you for taking the time to answer.
Yes I had a Stand up MRI FONAR..mistake?
I am a Veteran and have no insurance due to the new healthcare reform.
I go to the V.A. However they are slow, very bureaucratic and don’t get my pain, it has been months. I drive 4 to 4.5 hours to get care. It will take over a month to get a nerve block or facet block with the V.A.
So now I am going self pay as far as I can afford.
I will get a regular MRI, are there specific things to request of the MRI/Radiologist?
I don’t sleep well at all and my everyday routine is a grind.
I got up this a.m. symptoms are a little more intense.
I need to get this resolved, life is not good right now.
You stated “The most immediate attention should be brought to the spinal canal stenosis”.
Can you please tell me the correct steps to take so I don’t prolong this longer than necessary.
Your help is greatly appreciated, I would be willing to come to Colorado to this resolved.
I am so glad I found your website.