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Hi doctor
I had the appointment today with the neurosurgeon he said I ha e nothin concerning on mri just a few protrusions which I was already aware of but nothing that would cause my symptoms. He would like me to have X-rays with my neck flexed to help rule out something loose in the hardware and a cat scan as it shows what’s going on with the bones better as he also feels these kind of symptoms may indicate failed fusion. He also wants me to have my upper emg repeated in case something new in way of carpal tunnel has developed. I feel this is related to my neck. The tingling and numbness in my hands as it seems to be positional. I also have this pain across the backs of my shoulders and down my outer arms to outer elbow which is much worse while and after laying down. As for my throat he mentioned scar tissue possibly. Honestly this throat issue is awful. It’s unbearable if I don’t stay medicated and I don’t want to live my life suffering with it. I’m very upset with the surgeon who performed the original surgery and cannot understand why he made I attempt to order these tests and and an attempt to help me. All I want is my life back. I have so much trouble with my throat and pain in my neck shoulders and arms that I have gotten. Very debilitated I can’t leave home for long or go far since my symptoms limit me. One thing that never happened to me before while having the mri yesterday. I had an awful vibrating where the plateand fusion level is deep inside and I actuay have what feels like a swollen throat which became very sore deep down where lozenges can’t reach. Swallowing is becoming more and more difficult and eating agitates my throat. It feels as if I have an awful pressure in there and a feeling of something stuck or like I’m strangling. It causes me horrible anxiety which I asked my pcp about. He put me on lexapro and it helped a lot for the anxiety attacks I have been flowing your posts some and watched your you tube tho he about spinal anatomy and reading mri etc. I got a lot out of it and am growing to respect you and your opinion. Anything you can tho k of or help me with would be great as I feel you are. Dry knowledgable and experienced. Thank you so much for your prompt answers and the show of support. I will keep you updated throughout this as also I hope others with problems similar to mine can learn from this. I am an RN and was working for home health when this happened to me. A field I got into because I like to learn and teach which there is a lot of In home health. Again thanks a lot. Renee