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Hi Dr., I’m currently taking a 6-day prednisone pack. Results have been good, but as I taper off my symptoms seem to return. There is a clear effect for a few hours or more after taking one, but as I take fewer of them, I experience more symptoms. Not as bad as pre-op, which was explosive pain on rising that hit level 10. I am nearly 6 weeks post-op. My current symptoms have been present for nearly two weeks. Those are a continuous ache in my right buttocks, rear thigh, and occasionally my knee and rear calf. Level 5-7. These symptoms began the day after a more intense gym session. Prednisone can bring it down to a 2-3. Although I’m not taking Advil, when I do it can work even better. The pain is there whether I sit, stand or walk. No position seems to relieve it or make it worse, though the pain does recede a little after a few minutes settling into a new position. Certain stretch positions hurt more as well. Does this sound more like a reherniation or an inflamed nerve?