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“My own bone” would come from my own hip. In addition to my own hip bone, cadaver bone will be used. However, no cage (unless specifically requested and/or insisted). He doesn’t normally use a cage, but will do so if I really want it. Guessing but, I assume he feels this is another source of potential infection or, simply isn’t necessary? He didn’t explain.

BMP – I didn’t get the impression that he’s isn’t comfortable using BMP; just that it wasn’t in his standard protocol. He said if I wanted and felt more comfortable since being a “smoker” that I could have it. However, in discussing this with me, he indicated recent studies that were just starting to gain some momentum regarding BMP and cancer – though, he was very clear to tell
me nothing was definitive enough to prevent him or should deter me from using, if desired – only significant enough to bring to my attention.
Out of all the neurosurgeons I’ve seen for opinion, he’s the only one who told me I could freely smoke until the day of surgery. Then, nothing thereafter. All others have said to wait at least 3 months or more. I don’t have that long. In the past 2 months, I’ve gone from standing and lying down to lying down on a hardwood floor only.
Smoking is very harmful to ones health, in any and every case – I get it and agree. I can quit. I just want to know how/if it will contribute to fusion healing and how long I should wait (if I can wait). I can only tolerate this fusion experience once – I don’t even want to do it now, so definitely don’t want to have to do it again! I quit smoking forever if it means my fusion has the best results short and long term.
My back and the freedom to move as I wish, is the most important thing on my mind at the moment. Anything that I can do to promote this movement is to my benefit. I wish a 3rd discektomy wasn’t out of the picture. Given that it is, I need the most knowledge and fortitude to move forward with my current circumstances.
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