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Thank you! The evidence and expert opinions, yours included, seem to all point to fusion. I’d like to fight it tooth and nail but, looks like I’m losing the battle. So…

I’ve been to my first surgeon who did my initial 1 Micro-D’s – he says that he would (If I insist) perform a 3rd micro-D; although his recommendation is fusion. Subsequent to that I went for 2nd opinions at Johns Hopkins on two separate occasions – both are neurosurgeons. Neither JH surgeons will perform a 3rd Micro-D and have recommended: 1) do nothing and continue as is or, 2) fusion at L4/L5. I saw Dr. Timothy Witham and Dr. Ali Bydon.

How do you determine a surgeons competence? I’ve learned a lot more and able now to ask many more questions than when I had my first mirco-D 1+ years ago but, I don’t know exactly what are the right questions to ask. I’ve researched but, I’m flying blind in this regard. I assume that I’m looking for someone who does fusions regularly. From the two surgeons I metat JH , I like one better (personality-wise) and I’ve found some online videos he’s produced – he seems to not only perform fusions on a regular basis but, is a teaching professor, as well. Dr. Ali Bydon.

Thank you for letting me know what you would do yourself or recommend for a family member. This is very helpful! If you could find some time and provide a bit of guidance on how to select a competent surgeon, I think I might be ready for the fusion. (although I still don’t know if it’s the right way to go for me and remain scared to death about it). :)