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My PCP has just scheduled me an Orhopedic surgeon at our local AAMC Spine Center in Annapolis, appointment is for Monday morning.
In the meantime, I’m scheduled for a spinal fusion on December 9th with a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins – I wanted to stop putting this off and get on the calendar as soon as possible. I would have made it with my original surgeon, however, he will not do a fusion until 3 months smoke free.

I have a slightly different question for you. How concerned should I be about recent nightly bed wetting? Does this constitute an emergency? I really didn’t want to move up major surgery so that I am able to put more time between myself and the smoking but, it’s the 4th time in two weeks that this has occurred.

I have a call into my neurosurgeon but, quick communication hasn’t been his strong point. I guess I need to know whether or not I should be very concerned and be relentless with my phone calls.

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