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I have MRI doctor orders but he was very specific on Friday that he did not want me to use them. However, I will use the x-ray order today and, in the meantime, I should be able to get an MRI order from another one of my physicians(if I should push faster) – for instance, my pain management doctor would probably write me one immediately.

Quick question for you on the MRI –Someone told me that perhaps that my surgeon didn’t want me to have an MRI due to the “magnetic” imaging and that it potentially could alter/move the hardware slightly? I have never heard of this but thought I should doublecheck with you before I try to get an order from someone else.

I understand that physicians don’t want to put you through more tests than are medically necessary (happy this is the case) and I can appreciate this but, I really feel in this case that an MRI is warranted.

Thank you and will let you know how my X-ray goes!