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Thank you for your response. I’ve been given so much conflicting advice that I certainly have a lot to think about and a difficult decision that needs to be made quickly.
I understand what you’ve said regarding the nerve root damage after a 3rd herniation and the risk for battered nerve root syndrome. This is my only concern that I have going in for a 3rd. I’ve had some nerve damage after the first discektomy so, this is an issue that weighs heavily on my mind. I’ve done a lot of reading and research on this specifically – especially on your website – which is wonderful! Thank you – it has been a great resource for me.

I’m still left wondering if a 3rd discektomy is worth just one more shot – with my 150% commitment of aftercare and rehabilitation, as well as the proper PT both pre & post surgery. I started PT again last week and changed my diet to one that will help with the pain and healing process, as well.

My biggest fear with the fusion is that it won’t work or, if it does, I’ll be headed down a road for more fusions in the near future, due to adjacent disc disease. (my S1 already showing slight bulge due to the L5/L4 weakness). Isn’t this also a high risk and consideration I should weigh against the risk of a 3rd discektomy and possible nerve damage?

When I ask the doctors on my “team” what they would do or recommend for their own wives, mothers, daughters – I get mixed reviews. I’m surprised when some say they would try the 3rd discektomy one more time and if they re-herniated would then, opt for the fusion.

What would you do, if it were you?

Thank you again for your thoughtful advice and great website forum. I’ll continue to keep reading.