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Spine surgeon? I feel somehow that I’ve approached this situation improperly. Do you mean an orthopedic surgeon or a spine surgeon, specifically? Initially, started this process 18 mo ago was referred to a neurosurgeon because of fragments that were sitting on my nerve and due to the continued nerve damage, I thought I was going the right route for a fusion. Both surgeons said the fusion will not make me pain free – in fact, the 1st surgeon said imphatically I won’t be pain free.

Looks like the first JH is planning for own and cadaver bone but no cage. (Unless requested).

I sent the 2nd doc info and he is talking about allograft for everything – bone & cage.

So, even with the smoking – sounds like 1st JH doc approach would be best and perhaps I should ask for the cage?

Do you think I should see another opinion from a “spine surgeon?”

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