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As Discussed earlier in this forom topic, I’m going for a diagnostic shot in the L3 pars area. They should inject both pars correct? All my injections in the past Facet and Epidural have been in the L5-S1 area and only unilaterally? So only one side is getting the relief. Is that for insurace reasons or the doc was just being very stingy with the meds. My pain in bilaterally so he should have injected both sides of the spine and facets (hopefully this time in the right leverl) I believe this test will only be accurate if the Dr. Injects both sides (I hope). So if this works I can suggest a Pars Block??? or a Radio Frequency Block?? Will Cortisone help or because of nerve endings in the Pannus it won’t and we have to go straight to the Block. ( This popped in my head at rehab today) being an very fit athletic person (which now I’ve gained 20 lbs since inncodent 10/15 would some sort of Steroid or Growth Hormone be instituted to help gain muscle strenth in the core. ( Not looking to look like “meat head bodybuilder”) but to help speed up the strenthing process to get me back to a physical lifestyle .