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Update: Hi Dr. Corenman I have a update for you and questions that I hope you get soon!
I was checked into the hospital for a Nero-Radiologist to put in some type of contrast to see where the CSF Leak was coming from and they actually did not do the procedure. The Radiologist said that he went over all of my MRI’s and Cat scans with my current doctor and that they came to the conclusion that I do have a CFS leak in the Lumbar region. The Radiologist said that the procedure was to risky and could cause another CSF Leak. So I just went to see my surgeon a few days ago and I am very confused. He explained to me that he didn’t really know what to do because he is unguided of where the CSF Leak was and then he said you could get another doctors opinion if I wanted to. I did not now at that moment what to say! I am in excruciating pain and this is my second doctor already. The weird thing was he just looked at me for an answer???? I asked him what about a revised surgery and he said that they could do that but there is still a chance of not finding the CSF leak. So we made the decision to do a revised surgery and I hope I am not making a Huge Mistake by doing this. You had said before that you take out your drain tubes within 3 days after surgery since the doctor that did my surgery waited over a week to take out the drain tube do you think that that is the most possible possible place where the CSF Leak could be coming from? What do you think about a revised surgery? I am also wondering if there was a way for you to go over the information that was gathered since my surgery last year (Oct. 2013) and see what you think should happen. Thank you in advance I look forward to hearing from you….