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Thank you so much. One more question please. Because of the pain they are finally going to do another test. Myelography and CT scan on 8/24. Is this ok? I am so worried I will be flying and have cruise on 9/3. Please is this safe? Thank you again.

I used to work on an ambulance when I was younger. Not sure if that is what started it. But before surgery had discogram and they said I needed surgery. I am a supervisor and walk my hole shift. I do not sit until break or lunch. When I would leave work my pain was 9-10 hard to pick up feet and put in car lots of cramping. Leg pain is thigh, calf, foot and toes right side. The most pain is one hour or more standing and again when laying down great toe goes numb. Again thank you so much. I will let as many people I know about this site. You have been great with answering my questions so quickly. Thanks