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posterior lumbar interbody arthrodesis at L4-5, interbody arthrodesis at L5-S1, placement of an interbody prosthetic spacer at L4-5, same at L5-S1, segmental instrumentation at L4, L5 and S1, use of the allograft bone for the arthrodsis. Sorry didn’t know you needed that info. I feel dumb because I had the surgery and not really sure what they did. What do you mean by cages? I have not really been able to compare I can only stand for about one hour then have pain. Laying down and trying to turn also really hurts at a 10 pain level I can only sleep 2-3 hours. Then after that I can’t stand for about one min.that is about the only weakness I have. The pain is not as bad when I am sitting in desk chair. The pain is more right sided. Bowel and bladder are fine. Again thank you