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Dr. Corenman,
Thanks so much for the response. Yes, it was ACDF surgery for C5-C7. I don’t think I did a very good job of describing my issues. What I was referring to as pain in the trap,shoulder and pec area is really tightness. Some of my tightness was due to really tight lats. Some extensive work on them produced some limited relief. The next focus was the neck, in which we found everything, particularly the scalenes to be very tight. The work on loosening up my neck muscles has been very effective in reducing the tightness in the areas I mentioned. The last issue is one in which she can’t get the Obliquus Capitis muscles relaxed. They are aggressively pulling and just won’t let go. This is obviously irritating other muscles around them. The fact that they are acting in such a stubborn way is leading her to believe that possibly one of these muscles is stuck to one of the screws, being pushed by a screw that may have come loose, or is being affected by scar tissue that has built up around the plate. Have you ever come across an instance of this nature? Your comment on a lack of fusion is one that I have feared. However, could this be the case if I am not feeling pain in the area and have been getting considerably stronger over the past couple months and able to do heavy deadlifts, squats and presses?