Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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It is generally better to start your own thread than to put your unique situation onto another thread.

Your symptoms cover many different systems. “metallic taste in mouth,feels like something is trying to drain out of my ears and nose.At night in bed I wake up with a build up of fluid drainage in the back of my throat” will be from the sinuses or another ENT system and needs to be diagnosed by a primary doc or an ENT doctor.

“Balance issues and tough holding on to things,tough simply trying to tie my shoes.Become weak kneed and weak handed; Headache and pain in back of neck; Pins and needles or numbness all over my body.” symptoms could be from spinal cord compression and myelopathy although other systems can also cause these complaints.

“MRI shows damage to C-4,C-5 and C-7.Spinal Stenosis,spurring, extended bone growth” does tend to confirm spinal stenosis and myelopathy possibility but a formal radiological report would be most helpful. Your prior cervical surgery could also be a problem area.

“Foot feels completely asleep; Walk with my right foot plopping down and use a cane at the worst of times” could indicate foot drop from a lumbar spine problem.

You do need to have these addressed sooner than later. If you have a copy of the prior CT scan of your cervical spine, please put it on this forum.

Dr. Corenman