Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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To determine if the pinched nerves in your neck are causing the arm and hand pain, a selective nerve root block (SNRB-see website) should be used in my opinion. Keep a pain diary (again-website) to determine how much (if any) relief you gain. Little or no temporary relief calls into question the pinched nerve cause of your pain.

Now, good relief does point to your neck nerves as the source of pain but does not absolutely prove that the nerves are the cause. (Chronic nerve injury pain CNIP-see website, will also be relieved by this injection but CNIP will not be helped by surgery). CNIP occurs in less than 5-7% of patients so don’t be too worried about this diagnosis.

C3-4 nerve compression can cause cervical angina (the C4 dermatome radiates over the front of the chest wall). Typically as in the case of any pinched cervical nerve root, the pain will increase with neck extension (bending the head backwards) and be relieved with neck flexion )forward head bend).

Dr. Corenman