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Dr Corenman, thanks for the quick response. I have read the sections suggested. The main issue I have is that the pain is very diffuse and does not match a particular dermatome but is the whole of the hand and the forearm to the elbows with occasional parathesia and electric shocks in the hands. The ache is continuous but until the last week there was no neck pain (this is just beginning to get stiff – may be due to my worrying). The upper back has had stiff muscles which are mainly the large ones that run down just inside the scapula and a pain in a straight line across just below them. The cervical angina has been only since Jan. It looks to me very like surgery will be the main option as conservative care has been unsuccessful. I can only sleep by taking a sleeping tablet. A minor point (I hope) you did not refer to the C3-4 impingement. Where would this affect please? Much appreciated for your time and input

regards Malcolm