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I have read this Ladies entire complaints about her spinal issues. I believe from my lay position she needs a Board Certified Spine Surgeon or Orthopedic Spine surgeon to review her case. Her dizziness might be caused by the a neck impingement. After reading those facts that relate to the neck area, I have similar issues. However I have been diagnosed with Minneer’s disease . I take mecclazine and this does the trick and keeps the unsteadiness and dizzy spells to a min.
I have had two spinal surgeries. One at L-5-S, ruptured disc. Surgery was performed in 1977. No issues until 2001 when L-4 collapsed onto L-5-S1. Instead of having hardware put into the spine. I chose a cadaver bone match. A cage was made to support the spine. I too have hip pain which I live with but an occasional injection does the trick.
I too have osteoarthritis. Feet and hands are always giving me trouble. Very similar to the previous ladies post. I have just recently had a Thoracic MRI, C-3/4 there is marked hypertrophy of the left facet and left lateral disc osteophte complex producing severe left foraminal stenosis with displacement of the left C-4 verve root. I will meet with my pain management team and get the Dr’s opinion. I believe that I need an injection to cool off the nerve root at C-4..
When I am able to settle down the neck area we will work on the Lumbar area. Since being diagnosed with osteoarthritis the ability to walk normally has changed slightly. Pain in my feet also includes heel pain. The other night I was up all night because of pain in my legs and feet. Pain comes and goes. right now I take Vicodin with I-bo. I am dealing with these body changes and learning to manage my body as I enjoy the golden years. Attitude has a lot to do with your mental well being. I try not to worry or dwell on my issues. Just become informed and forge ahead.