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Good morning Dr. Corenman.Need some help.AT best of times I have numbness in right foot from knee down,numbness in right hand from elbow down.Foot feels completely asleep.Headache and pain in back of neck.Numbness in right thumb and pointing finger.All of this on a daily bases for the past 5 months. At the worst of times or every several days I have severe headaches,neck pain,metallic taste in mouth,feels like something is trying to drain out of my ears and nose.At night in bed I wake up with a build up of fluid drainage in the back of my throat.Pins and needles or numbness all over my body.Walk with my right foot plopping down and use a cane at the worst of times.Balance issues and tough holding on to things,tough simply trying to tie my shoes.Become weak kneed and weak handed.Do get some relief when sitting down and more so when laying down.Also after a drainage I usually have two good days,symptoms some what lessen.As soon as I get up in the morning and start the least bit of head movement the symptoms worsen. Great difficulty and hindered movement of neck..Walking and the slightest change in elevation causes more pain and discomfort in my neck and back of head.Misery! Had C-6 removed in 1990 because of injury.Now because of new injury I have all of this.Difficulty performing the simple daily routine pleasures of life.Sense 1990 Ongoing symptoms: drop things at times,difficulty eating certain things (choke easily on certain foods),drooling when leaning over doing anything and weakness on right side.Handled all of this fairly good.But it did put a damper for certain types of work and recreation. CT scan shows severe degeneration in cervical and lumbar regions.MRI shows damage to C-4,C-5 and C-7.Spinal Stenosis,spurring, extended bone growth and calcium build up in the area which is how I understood some of the info from my GP.It took my GP three months to declare my condition as urgent but this same GP found blood in my urine on three occasions in 2008 and refused my request for a prostate exam,refused me an ultra sound and a uralogist.So I have little faith in this gentleman. Very poor communication skills.Sense May 30th I have been waiting for a call from a neurosurgeon.My GP will not say if I am on a waiting list or what is the usual wait times ,no information at all. Could you please give me or try an attempt to give me some answers as to what is happening to me.Concerned up here in Eastern Canada.looking foreword to hearing from you Dr.Corenman.Thank you.