Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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Your history is confusing. You had a fusion (TLIF) at L3-4 for a recurrent disc herniation. This herniation would compress the L4 nerve most likely. You note a dural tear during surgery and spent “three days on bed rest”. I do not know why you had to spend three days in bed as the normal length of time for bed rest for dural repair is 24 hours. Do you have any understanding of why three days was necessary?

The pain pattern you report after surgery sounds to be an involvement of the S1 nerve root. That is uncommon as the root most exposed at the L3-4 level is L4 or possibly L3. The dural tear might have injured the L5 or S1 root if it was a big tear with all the roots displaced and problems were noted by replacement of the roots back into the sack. If it was a large tear, the repair of the dural sack could have also been very difficult.

Is your problem pain that prevents you from prolonged walking or is it weakness of the leg? Have you had a post-operative MRI to look at the nerve roots? Did the MRI include gadolinium?

Dr. Corenman