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I have re-read the letter TLIF was l4 / l5 sorry! But the surgeon who gave me the second opinion has put the following in his letter.

“Everything points towareds S1 nerve root injury, which is slightly confusing with a 4/5 operation but on reviewing her scan it does show her to have a segmental anomaly so the actually the operation level was L5/S1 which makes sense now with the area of the injury.”

I was in bed for 3 days as I had horrendous headaches and vomiting, similar to an extreme migraine. The reason I cant walk far is a combination of increasing pain as I stand or walk and increasing weakness. The surgeon has also put in the letter that I have numbness in an S1 distribution she had weakness of the calf, absent ankle jerk and a positive slump test. I dont know exactly what the MRI included I am afraid.

I hope that is clearer