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All I know about the Xrays is that they “looked” fine. Although, three weeks later during my first steriod injections (for diagnosing), they found the extra verterbrae. He then pulled up the xrays again from boulder community and in fact saw the extra vertebrae. Therefore, I’m not sure if he noticed anything else.

I mentioned in an earlier email to you that I had some injections done. THe most recent being the MBBS and L2 L3 L4 L5, etc. last wednesday, still in utter excruciating pain. The first injections were on either side in the “narrowing” areas?? I’d have to look at the exact spot if you are needing that information? He told me that the last thing he would try is the epidural injection if these latests shots did not work. I’m feeling very deflated and I’ts hard to move now, standing no more than 5 minutes, walking no more than 5-10 minutes. Can’t sleep. bending backwards kills!! I can get some relief when I bend over, but only temporary.

I wish I could meet with you, if you were closer..I really would like to know my real options. I can’t continue like this.

What in your opinion, should I do?