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Thank you, Dr. Corenman for getting back to me so quickly.

I do have a question though. Are you saying that surgery would only be an option if I had some disc problem in my back and if the vertebral body collapses on the L5 nerve roots that is causing the pain? I had my shots yesterday as explained in my previous email yesterday. he told me the most important thing to note is the first 24 hours to see if any pain goes away 70-80% then he would do the facet rhizotomies..So far, nothing has improved?…
My question is why if I have an L5 fracture that is clearly NOT healing for over 20 years, can’t we fix it now? Something is causing this pain and I’m tired of the PT, the steriod shots, the brace, the not being able to do any day to day activities. How long should I wait to see if these shots I got yesterday should work before contacting a neuro?

How likely is surgery for me with just the info I gave you?
Thanks for you time.