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Sheryltc, I don’t speak for Dr. Corenman, and I am not doctor, but I did sleep at a Holiday inn last night, just kidding. I have spondylolysis, aka pars deffect at the L5-S1 level, and done a ton of research as well as educate myself from Dr. Corenman’s site.

What I have gathered so far is a pars fracture is a mechanical defect, like any bone that breaks if braced properly in a timely manner, you might be able to avoid further complications, hence why your doctor put your son in a brace. But trying to keep the bone from moving while we live are daily lives without hardware, can at best heal up with some scar tissue/bone formation, not perfect.

I’m sure Dr. Corenman will reply to you soon enough but just wanted to tell you, I know your son’s pain. You are encouraged to seek specialtists of the spine, being a an orthopedic doctor that has additional training (residencey I believe) in spine care, which is what I believe Dr. Corenman is, an Orthopedic Spine Specialtist. You could also seek a Neurosurgeon, that specializes in the spine. Sounds like you have seen two Orthopedic Spine Specialtists, did their information compare with each other? Hope you find some relief for your son..