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Thanks for your reply. We saw a dr at a large spine center in Atlanta – he specialized in sports injuries related to the spine. He tried an injection for the pain (which did not work at all), then an Exogen Bone growth stimulator (which caused more pain) and then he suggested pain management. All 3 back specialists left us with these words “the next step is surgery, but I don’t recommend it due to your son’s young age).
We went to a pain management clinic – he referred to 2 different chiropractors. My son did have some relief from the last chiropractor’s regiment – which was an exercise program dealing with core strengthening.
It’s going on 3 years now since my son first started having pain. He deals with it daily. And it has affected his emotions as well. He fights negativity & depression now. He did see a counselor for about a year. He’s just very discouraged from the pain.