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Dear Dr. Corenman,

Thank you so much for your response!
I actually had a cervical laminoplasty in 2009, I think that was why I had no restrictions after 6 weeks. ( Dr. Henry Bohlman did it and has since passed.)

The discomfort has been all left buttocks, hip, thigh, toes with the usual burning sensation I always have in lumbar region. I forgot to mention that in the recent MRI general report( not summary) pars defect at left L4 has reactive bone marrow edema which is minimal. I assume this is a recent fracture and the boney region is doing its job to heal on its own.

The general report also states there is severe loss of disc space height demonstrated L5/S1. Also, I have multilevel end plate degenerative changes particularly L5/S1 as seen on prior exam in 2012.. From my understanding, my lumbar decompression/ discectomy would not have improved the L5/S1 disc degeneration. It sounds like L5/S1 is pretty ugly. Is it possible that it will not cause issues or should I not be surprised if I need intervention there sometime in the future? I have been told that my osteoporosis has nothing to do with my spine issues…. It just seems to me that it is a factor in the dejeneration.

Thank you so very much! You are a gift to us, helping us understand our issues better. I know you are a busy man and the fact that you do this in addition is phenomenal!!! :-)