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G’day Dr. Corenman:

Ha ha. I suppose the hammer and nail analogy applies to all fields of surgery. Spine surgeons seem to be enjoying the limelight lately. Don’t worry, WSJ will tire and move on.

No Scheuermann disease. I am told I lack even normal kyphotic curvature. Is there an eponym for this? I do have bothersome SI joints. Back in Australia, I asked my GP for a plain film of the pelvis and there was no sign of Ankylosing Spondylitis. Family history of AS and psoriatic arthritis. You can chase rheumatology forever but what good does it do. Like a dog chasing its tail. (If you can’t qualify a patient to a clinical trial of toxic agents, should you be giving the drugs?)

It is unsettling to have an injury that is not that easy to do and have no clue how you did it.

This may be a re-herniation for all I know. There is another finding. Perhaps some suggestion of an older lesion? I don’t have the report in digitized form so I will type it in…

“Findings: There is probably focal fat versus hemangioma of the T9 vertebral body. A focal T10 inferior endplate defect is compatible with a Schmorl’s node as at T12 superior endplate….”

Do you make anything of that? I looked up Schmorl’s node and I have concluded that they don’t form over two weeks (the period between my acute presentation and the MRI).

Epidurals: I am 9 months post acute presentation. Radicular pain resolved after a about 3 months. I had no back pain at the time of presentation, only maddening radicular pain at the costal margin. Now I have a sore thoracic spine. I do not like to do twisting exercises — PNF with cables. Even at minimal resistance. I can bear the pain of the exercises — it is just uncomfortable. After I get home, I start to hurt and can’t sleep well. Is an epidural warranted to help me comply with my exercises?