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Thanks Dr. Corenman!

Yes, there is no reason to suspect cord compression. I suppose if you have to have a 10mmx5mm blob in there, this is a good place to have it! :)

I tried to get an epidural but my PM&R told me that 1. the correct injection was a spinal nerve block and 2. Injections were my last step before surgery, the idea being I would be getting one step closer to theatre. Ridiculous! (He was not in the injection business.) I could have doctor shopped. But I was exhausted and wasting from little sleep and little appetite. At this point, I had shingles T5-ish on the other side. (I was healthy 6 weeks previously!) I didn’t really have my wits about me! The radicular pain was improving. BTW, shingles feels much different than thoracic radicular pain!!

I am nine months out. I am improving by the month. Rehab? Are there any good resources out there? Articles. I am running and swimming and doing some agility drills and various planks and things. Balances with my eyes closed. I am making it up as I go along.

I have annoying limitations. I am sure they are subtle to the observer. I have always had a lot of definition in the core musculature — genetics I guess — I don’t work at it! Of course, there is a lot less bulk now but the surface anatomy is very clear. I am filling out under the ribs but the muscles are asymmetric. My 10th rib is clearly a floating rib on the affected side. The end is obviously free. It gets in the way. Interestingly, this rib seems to become less mobile as I get a bit stronger. I don’t care about the cosmetic aspect. My balance and quickness are affected by this asymmetry. I don’t have the same control of my body! It is very frustrating.

Can someone in this situation expect continued improvement indefinitely. I would love to ski this winter 8) I tried this past June. I had the feeling that I was one big blocking pole plant and defensive twisting maneuver away from trouble. I quit. I sense that I have the power and muscle memory to hurt my self on skis. The pool where I swim also has a full diving facility. Prior to my mysterious injury, I had been up on the platforms and seriously giving some thought to giving diving another go after a quarter century. They are trying to put together a serious masters program. It’s a fun group. My common sense is telling me…NO, not at this point!

Should I be seeking a followup MRI at 9 months? It’s not going to affect management but I am curious. I read that thoracic lesions tend to behave a bit differently than lumbar lesions. Calcification, etc.