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Hello dr
I started physical therapy today. All we really got to was an evaluation and some e-stim with heat. Well tonight it feels like a truck ran over my neck and shoulders and the spasms are worse than ever. A strange thing happened. On my right upper outer arm where she out on an electrode was numb after the stimulater was removed. Just like being shot with novocaine. I could tell it was being touched but was numb for 15 min or so then sensation returned. Any ideas why? One other thing that may interest you turned up in my bloodwork and XRays from arthritis doc. I had a 1.67 positive item/igg tiger for Lymes disease which has been negative in that last. Question ….if it is Lymes could that be causing all my neurological and arthritic like symptoms? Also XRays showed all levels of lumbar spine show disc degeneration as well as lumbar spine. And both si joints have some degenerative signs with the right being worse and having sclerosis? And a small bone spur Could this be causing my tailbone and right hip pain. I’ve read that many people have the same thing as me with degeneration and never have symptoms or pain. Why me? “Old Arthur” as my dad calls it. Runs in the family and my grandmother had spinal stenosis with same kind of pain as me. In arms and legs n just everywhere. I know the Lymes has to be confirmed with another test but I tested negative a couple times before for this. I have no idea what some of this may or may not mean and would love your Input. I have learned a lot from your forum and appreciate in advance anything u have to say on this matter. Thanks. Ren