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Hello dr
Well the new neck pain became quite severe and I ended up in the ER where they did an X-ray which of course was useless and showed only that the hardware was Intact. They also ended up giving 2 pain shots and an IM decadron of 10 mg which took my pain down to a zero before 24 hours was up. Well not exactly a zero but to where I can actually get up and move around easily. My concern is as the steroid wears of and this pain is starting back up is it just masking the real issue. Since the pain is slowly returning and I can still feel that burning sensation underneath should I pursue trying to get my dr to order me further testing or does the fact the steroid worked that quickly mean somethin I am missing. This pain was horrible in the back and side of my neck and down my right upper arm on the inner and outer aspect but went only slightly down to my hand. This only compared to when I ruptured my first disc but even that severity went away after a few days and was just constantly sore. I am so incapacitated with the pain and spasm ice had going on but there is nothing these surgeons wanna do n say they can’t see anything causing this problem I guess I am asking two things. Does the response so quickly to the steroid mean anything g and where should I go from here. Def don’t want a pain attack like that one again. Thanks for any advice in advance