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I had asked about ulnar nerve pinching initially but removed that as going to go ahead and see a dr. about this.

Could that activator with stretching misaligned the neck so now tendons/ligaments catch or rub differently or even the vertebrae joints fit differently?

What happens to ligaments that crack/snap multiple times a day?

Can facet arthritis develop in a matter of months?

My MRI only showed facet arthritis at C6-C7.

The cracking can be heard by my husband. Yesterday I cracked at least 4 x. loud and hard. Rolling in bed causes crunches and lighter cracks.

I felt it all the way up my skull this am.

I don’t know how my neck is now such a crunchy mess with something moving out of place in the low discs and these horrific cracks.
Sorry to ask again. I keep asking myself “Why this all had to start?”