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Thanks for the reply.

The sounds are like they are in my head and neck tissues. So gritty/crackling constantly. Even my shoulder is cracking now. Lying in one position will generate lots of cracking when I move. Turning my head back and forth multiple times to the right creates a constant crack/pop.

I went to an orthopedic dr last week, who would not even let me talk.
I turned down an xray since I have an enlarged thyroid.

Does everyone with degeneration/stenosis develop all this crackling/cracking and movement in the neck?

Can ligaments move in the neck by the vetebrae?
This scares me when something gives in there and crunches. What would that be that you can feel move out of place?

You have helped me more than any dr I have seen. It is too bad a dr, does not feel that every person is important and just take a few minutes to answer questions. This dr was more interested in getting back on schedule.

I sure wish I knew why so much of my body is arthritic. Why this had to start and escalate I sure would like to know.