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Hi again Dr. Corenman,

Thank you so much for the reply.

I sure hope you don’t mind but this is going to be a very long post. I don’t know of any other way to convey to you what has been going on with me? Sorry.

The Nero Doctor wouldn’t listen to me when I went to her for help eight months after she did my C5-6 fusion in 1995. I’ve always felt that it didn’t fuse properly. Since the X-Ray readings and her diagnosis didn’t show anything wrong with my fusion. I had no other choice but to accept her findings. She totally dismissed me.

I was shuffled from one Doctor to another, all said the same thing “Myalgia” which I’d just have to live with. In 1996 none of the Doctors that I saw believed in Fibromyalgia. I was told that all I needed to do was exercise, meditate, keep my mind busy and not think of the pain, Mind over matter.

Finally, I was sent for physical therapy. Just by chance, the Doctor I saw there was a Sports Medical Doctor who dxd me with Fibromyalgia. He was considered an expert on FMS. What a relief just to have someone from the Medical Community say “I understand” and “Yes, I believe you are in Pain” and not be looked down upon? Anyway, so I did the warm aqua pool therapy 3 times a week, had massages 2 times a week.

After 3 months I had to stop going because that’s all my insurance company would cover for the year. I did get better for awhile. I’m not too sure that it was really Fibromyalgia or if it was the therapy that helped the pain from the bad disc in my neck.

I went to a Rheumatologist for a few years, up until I was sent to the pain clinic in 2001 He really didn’t do much, just took my weight, blood pressure, checked for trigger points, hit my knees, legs with a hammer and that was that.

I did look up polymyalgia rheumatica but it doesn‘t sound like me.

The peripheral neuropathy sounds like what is going on with the electrical impulses in my legs, feet. I’ve been reading up on it and am trying to understand what it is and what tests are involved and what can if anything can be done.

This has me wondering if these electrical surges are what’s in my upper body as well that’s causing the phantom moving, swaying – rocking – bobbing sensations?

There is also the possibility I could have a disorder called (MdDS) Mal De DeBarqument Syndrome. The last & only time I was on a cruise ship was in 1998. I didn’t have any moving sensations afterwards. However, it can come on after a plane trip, a long car ride or just happen. Of course, there are no tests to prove you have it. Here’s there web site mddsfoundation . org if you’ve never heard of it and if you might be interested in reading about it. This is not something that I want to be dxd with either. From what I understand, there is no cure and not much in the way of help to relieve the symptoms.

I’ve been going over all my medical & dental records for the past several months now trying to find a link as to why I’m having all this pain and crazy symptoms.

In 1985 I had Silver Amalgam fillings put into every molar. I had no idea they contained 50% to 70 % mercury or I would never have agreed to have them placed in my teeth.

After many years the fillings started breaking down. I had a few molars pulled in the past which didn’t cause any adverse reactions since they were pulled out.

July 17, 2000 I had some Bad tooth pain. I Went to the Dentist and had one root canal with a cap and one molar. I had the silver mercury filling drilled out and refilled with white composite. It was not done safely. (I didn’t know about rubber dams and safe removal protocols then)

July 24, 2000 ** Just 7 days after the root canal ** I went to my GP.
This is what was written on his notes from that day:
1. Decreased coordination 2. Inability to walk the day before and last night
3. Tremor & jerking of her left arm and left leg 4. Paresthesias on left side of her face.
Refer to Neurology. (I didn’t go to Nero Doc since it just went away that same day)

Jan. 2001 ** 7 months after the dental work** is when my GP sent me to the pain clinic.

July 2009 All my of teeth and gums hurt badly. I went to the Dentist, was dxd with periodontal gum disease. I had 4 molars done, 4 silver mercury fillings drilled out and refilled with white composites.

**** All of the Dental work that was done on me. Never once was a rubber dam placed over my mouth or a mask over my face to protect me from the mercury vapors or bits of mercury that was drilled out of my teeth. I breathed the vapors and swallowed mercury bits. They never followed any safe mercury removal protocols whatsoever! I didn‘t know they should have and they didn‘t tell me ****

Aug. 10, 2009 I had one molar done, the silver mercury filling drilled out and refilled with white composite.

Aug. 10, 2009 I had the upper right quadrant deep root cleaning done.

Sept. 1, 2009 I had the upper left quadrant deep root cleaning done.

Sept. 17, 2009 I had the lower left quadrant deep root cleaning done.

Sept. 28, 2009 I had the Lower right quadrant deep root cleaning done.

Oct. 8, 2009 I had 2 more molars done, the silver mercury fillings drilled out and refilled with white composites

Nov. 2009 ** One month after Dental work ** I started having rectal bleeding. I called my doctor but the bleeding stopped after 3 hours. I went to a Gastroentologist, had a colonoscopy and a upper GI since I was also having bad stomach problems. He dxd me with Diverticulosis in the Sigmod Colon. Also, Acid Reflux disease and Barretts Esophagus (Gerd) He checked for Celiac disease (questionable on that)

Feb. 3, 2010 I had one molar done, the silver mercury filling drilled out and refilled with white composite. And full mouth teeth and root cleaning.

March 21, 2010 ** Just 4 months after Dental work & many Mercury fillings replaced ** I had a Major Heart Attack and almost died. I had heart cath. Surgery with two stints.

Sept 2011 (Not Dental Related) I had terrible pain in my left big toe and top of the same foot for awhile and haven‘t been able to wear anything but flip flops for a few years because of the pain. I finally went to see a Foot doctor and was dxd with Traumatic Arthritis. I had to have foot surgery called Cheilectomy 1st metatarsi double astronomy with inter-fixation. Meaning he had to chisel off the bone spurs that was growing upward on the top of my left foot and remove part of the bone going to my big toe and fixate it with a screw. Due to trauma I suffered in June 2004

That takes me to 2012 with the head, neck, jaw, face, eye, temples, forehead, shoulder, traps, upper back pain. The off balance, feels like I’m walking on a air mattress or trampoline at times, I have this pulling downward force feeling at times, leg electrical vibrations, body electrical vibrations, brain zaps, neck zaps, ect. Ect

I read up on inner ear problems that could be the cause of some of these symptoms. So started with the ENT Doctor this year. No inner ear trouble was found.

Then I found the connection with mercury vapors from dental fillings and root canal teeth. I read as much as I possibly could find and watched u-tube videos on mercury teeth and root canal lectures. Dr. Hal Huggins was one that I read the most. There are many others like Andy Cutler and Dr. Boyd Haley. I read up on the IAOMT and AHMA. One web site for great info is mercury exposure.

I found my Holistic Dentist an hour away from me. He did extensive tooth x-rays, exam, and from the deep pockets in my gums mostly 5, 6 & 7’s gum pockets very bad. No matter if he removed my mercury fillings safely it wasn’t going to change the fact that I had very bad advanced periodontal gum disease and with me having coronary artery heart disease that was not good, not good at all. I was at risk for another heart attack just from the infection in my gums and no amount of antibiotics, deep root teeth cleanings would change that. My teeth had to come out. I had 22 teeth extracted on June 18th 2012 and my dentures contain no metals at all, and no mercury for the pink coloring added.

After my teeth were pulled. Some of the symptoms went away. The pain in my face, jaw, temple, and eye is gone. The pulsating, crushing, squeezing pain on the sides and top of my head is gone. The feeling that my brain is moving inside is gone. The painful tugging and pulling feeling that I had in my brain is gone.

Unfortunately, I still have the rest of the pain and symptoms, they didn’t go away after my teeth were removed like I was hoping or thought.

I want to be tested for mercury and heavy metals to see how toxic I am and if that’s whats causing my pain and symptoms. I’m really confused and unsure what test or tests would be the best to do and who can do it and what lab to use?

The urine test that most Doctors do is a major problem because if they don’t do the challenge type of urine testing it’s useless and will come back neg. when it’s very positive. Blood testing is not a good way to test either unless you can find a lab that will test as soon as the blood is drawn. From what I understand, the mercury vapor leaves the blood after only a few hours and will test neg. when it could very well could be positive.

Mercury once in the brain will not come out on its own. I’d need a chelator drug such as DMPS to remove it.

My Dentist found that I have what’s called a “Mercury Tattoo” under my tongue that he couldn’t remove during surgery. I don’t know what Doctor can remove it or how tough it will be to remove?

Yes, I‘m very afraid that‘s what is wrong with me. Mercury in my brain, my heart, tissues and all the organs in my body. (mercury vapors from the fillings in teeth DOES cross the brain barrier) As long as that mercury tattoo is there I would never be able to use any sort of drug as a chelator because it would pull from that tattoo, not from my brain or body and it would make me very sick.

Have you had anyone with these problems come to you for help?

I’m thinking I am heavy metal and mercury poisoned but then again the MRI of my neck shows these disc buldges and degenerative problems that could be causing pain and symptoms. Also, peripheral neuropathy is a possibility.

You said:  Pathology at C3-4 should not cause dizziness or light-headedness.

When you said “Should not cause” … could it be Possible?

From what I’ve read and researched Mercury can get in the brain, spine, heart, liver, kidneys, body, organs, muscles, tissues, it can cause Autoimmune disease, MS, Fibromyalgia, ALS, CFS, Gastro problems, stomach problems, headaches, heart attacks, balance and coordination problems, restless leg syndrome and over 200 other symptoms.

Thank you for reading and hope it was ok to post all of this.

I know your not a Dentist but thought you might know the effects of heavy metal and mercury toxic symptoms especially in the central nervous system.